We are all second to nobody #1

“We are second to nobody”. With this sentence in mind, last sunday started for the boys in the Gaelic football team of the St. Michael´s College. After an hour-long bus drive to Cork, the team got ready for the action. I watched them warm up and have some last words before the game – everybody knew that it would be legendary.
It all started well with the first point going to us. The team of Midleton CBS was ready to face us and they were able to get a 1-2 to 0-3 lead. (to clarify this: the goal looks like a giant H, one goal gives three points and is shown in the first number and the second one shows the points which are the balls that go over the crossbar and between the goalposts). Afterwards, the team was a bit down and there was complete silence in the restroom until the trainer and the principal came in and gave memorable speeches. I have never seen a team with so much confidence and will to win. And after one hell of a game and a lot of curses from both the players and the people who watched the game, St. Michael´s won with 1-8 to 1-5 and the goal that decided the game was scored only 2 minutes before the end.
Not only was this one of the best days I have had here so far. It was also an experience I would have missed if I hadn’t gone to see it and it was also the day I decided to try this “crazy” sport out myself.
“We were all delighted to win the Munster Championship last Sunday, as all the players had put in a lot of hard work in training over the previous few months. It is a very difficult competition to win, as there are other excellent schools competing for the cup, but thankfully our hard work and dedication so far has paid off. We will now turn our attention to our next opponents in the All Ireland Semi Final in a few weeks and we will continue with our dedication and application for training.”

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