One big social gathering #5


One of the biggest advantages of every exchange student experience is the fact that you literally meet new people everyday. It could be a relative of your host-family, maybe a soon to be friend or just the next person in the hallway. There is no limit of possibilities concerning relations you make.

Entering a new environment in which you are not sure how to behave is frightening, especially if you don’t trust your friend-making skills. But it shouldn’t be, and I speak from experience. If you make an effort to get to know people, listen to them and their stories, and remember details about their lives there is a high chance for you (or “y’all“, as we say here in Texas) to bond. There is no doubt that you will be influenced by the impressions or opinions of others and the way of living in foreign countries. You pick up the slang or a certain style, but equally as important as the fact that you make an effort to integrate yourself is the fact that deep down you should always remain the same. Adapt, but never give up who you really are.

Football-games are a big thing at most American high-schools, and so is the preparation and the school-spirit that goes into it. You will soon after your arrival realize, that pride and spirit for a sports team go hand in hand. Standing on the bleachers under the Friday night lights creates a feeling of togetherness. The school colors beam next to the radiant smiles of players running out on the field. Cheerleaders wave flags and the fight song shrills over your and your friends laughter.

There is no reason to be afraid of an outcome, you can steer in every direction you want. Set your sails and prepare yourself to be a social butterfly, just waiting to rip the cocoon, and stretch your wings in this new environment. It is pure bliss to have the opportunity to experience a new culture and broaden your mind, so step up to your full potential and experience the mosh pit sensation of a year-long social gathering.

As always, greetings from the other side of the pond,

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