German Class #2


I was faced with one decision when I first went to school here in Ireland. I had to decide whether I would go to the French or the German class. All the other exchange-students that are from Austria or Germany choose French because German would be a bit boring and they all had French back at home. On the other hand, I never had French so I was “forced” to take German.
At first I wasn’t sure what to think of that but after the first few lessens I really liked it. It is more than interesting to see how other people learn the language I grew up with and what they think of it. Obviously, they are not as good in German as I am in English but nevertheless they are not completely clueless. They often make the same kind of mistakes like not knowing the right article or gender and messing up the “to be” or “to have”.
Even though I am not really challenged by the things we learn I still am not bored in class. I act as some kind of dictionary or native-speaker. I can help by providing sayings and the “right” way of using certain phrases and Mr. Dillan (the German teacher) is thankful for that.

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