About the negative connotation of Sustainability

"If you can't find anymore mountains to climb, create new ones"

„If you can’t find anymore mountains to climb, create new ones“

As years passed scientists kept throwing words like renewable energy, sustainability, self-sufficiency/self-powered at us. Their explanation for the importance of the actions behind the words wasn’t given lightly. By not incorporating these terms into our lingo and more importantly let them act upon our daily lives, we are on the best path to eradicate mankind, which if you are an optimist would at least solve all of our problems.

Truthfully, we are not talking about a great animosity towards the word itself but it seems to have become frowned upon in some parts of society. There are mends everyone can make to be more environmentally friendly without having to live in a Hare-Krishna-like commune feeding off of seedlings found in the woods. I presume that’s what opponents of the matter think about when hearing the before mentioned terms.

Recent ridicule by a politician, who said global warming is supposedly a hoax invented by the Chinese, fueled the fire of disbelievers and strengthened their opinion. Yet what they seem to fail to grasp is that statements about global warming are not made up of thin air. Heavily fact based, we see lucidly the importance of our actions and how we can affect our environment positively and negatively. The word sustainable isn’t just another invention by some semi-bored Millenials. Younger generations are just made more aware of the fact that if we keep on living the way we do now, our offspring won’t be able to experience the natural beauty of Planet Earth. The education system and a general knowledge gained from different sources is what differentiates adolescents in some sort of way. We can still mold our opinions and flourish, much like flowers getting a new chance every spring.

As one of the major stockholders of oekostrom said so fittingly: „Sustainability means for most people changing their way of living and thinking. Humanity always struggles with change and the unknown. Therefore sustainability is perceived by most to be more work due to new thinking.“

So, if you really can’t live greener for the sake of our planet and everything that is on it, see the act of being environmentally friendly as an act of self-preservation. Because in the end that is really what it comes down to. How can you argue wanting to live a healthy life when you poison the one thing that you receive all your blessings from?

Becoming aware of what we are dealing with here is the first step. A fault confessed is half redressed! (Einsicht ist der erste Schritt zu Besserung) Kicking our mini-series/ Christmas present off with the first step to improvement seems logical. With that I wish you an enjoyable and festive season and may your firs be green next year as well!

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  1. I deeply appreciate your article underlining the necessity – or at least sensibility – of changing not only our ways of thinking but also our personal behaviour towards more sustainable means of lifestyle. Coincidentally, I offer a very particular option for many people commuting in Vienna: using the bike more frequently for more than just fun or recreation, whilst still enjoying advantages of which fun, recreation, and improvement of personal health are just a few to mention. I would be keen to elaborate on that by any means you consider appropriate (interview, guest article, whatever), as I have already been offering in the past.
    Best regards,
    Markus H. Edelmann, Piarist alumni and speaker of the Josefstadt Agenda Group for the Advencement of Biking

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